A look back at 2012…my goals, resolutions.


Looking back at 2012, and the resolutions I’d written for
, I found myself reading the blog post, and surprised at how hopeful I was
last year, and how much positive energy I had, at that point in my evolution
I’d overcome some significant hurdles, and made the types of changes in my
lifestyle which are life altering. 

Rereading that post I’m disheartened to realize how much of
the passion is missing in my life, and as that fire has dissipated over the
last year so have the blog posts, so has the outlook on my life.  Perhaps I am someone who is predisposed to
being melancholic, ha, I’m a melancholic…that’s my drug of choice.

an analysis of my 2012 goals.

Physical Goals

“I will lose 70 lbs by the end of the
year, or fit into a size 32 pant size.”

While I didn’t lose the 70lbs I wanted to I did lose about
30 lbs, I ended 2011 at 270 lbs, and ended 2012 240 lbs.  I got my pant size down to a comfortable
38.  At one point for several months in
2012 I was as low as 225 lbs, and a comfortable 36. 

My trip to Mexico put a bit of a monkey wrench in my
progress.  Prior to leaving for Mexico I
started to introduce foods which I had been staying away from so I wouldn’t get
ill as a result of accidental contact, or consuming something because it was
all that was available.  It worked out
well because I didn’t get sick but when I returned home getting back on track
was tough, and yet to have reached the discipline I had back in September of

My present weight is 245 lbs, and my goal is for 2013 is to
lose 45 lbs.


Fight Gone Bad 7 I will break 300 (253 Sept)as my score.”

FGB was programmed once this year,
but it was programmed after my shoulder injury, and I wasn’t able to the
workout as prescribed which makes the number irrelevant, I am pretty confident
that a score of 300 is more than achievable; I know I can do it.  While I know it’s not an official check mark,
I feel comfortable enough to take it off of the list.

“I will complete a 5k.”


Running is fucking stupid.

Somehow I found myself running 2 10k’s the Rare 10k and the
Clarendon Day 10k.  I also did the Jingle
All the Way 8k, and a Tough Mudder which was 13 miles.

5k distance is now something that I was doing as a workout.


“I will complete a Wilderness or
Mountaineering Course.”


I did a 6 day Skills Seminar with RMI at Camp Muir.  During my 6 days at Camp Muir, I found myself
having mixed emotions.  While I could
feel the strike of a flint in my heart for the mountains, I also felt a cold
dose of fear.  I’m old, I’m fat, and my
skills are rusty, it was a crucial trip in my personal development as I realize
that time in the mountains is what gives me balance.


“I will break 900 in my Crossfit
Total (775 in November)”

My  CFT Total in 2011
was 775.  I thought I had done well for
my first CFT, so I figured adding a 125 points might be a stretch but doable.

Throughout the first half of 2012 I was making great
progress, I was improving in every area, and had established a 1 rm of 225 lbs
for my split jerk, following the Tough Mudder injury, I lost focus, and was
going through the motions.  It took me a
while to create a plan, and once I had one I didn’t really stick to it, I was
sort of all over the place. 

In the end I wasn’t able to score a complete CFT, but I did
improve 30 lbs on my backsquat, and 10 lbs on my deadlift.  Those numbers are a clear indication of where
I had focus, and where I had none.


will take at least 4 trips this year, which are unrelated to business.”


I took my parents, and my woman to Key West, and Northern
California.  These were big trips for me
because I was able to do something for my parents which they can’t do for
themselves, they got to see places they hadn’t been and have a good time.  They even ate out at nice restaurants without


I rented a beach house for my entire family, and we spent a
week away from it all, unfortunately the house we rented sucked, and schedule
changes made the whole trip less than perfect, but it was time away with my
entire family.


I went to Minneapolis, where I got to see some great people
I dearly missed, run around in the mud with a bunch of other crazies, and had
one of the best Milkshakes of my life.  I
went to Seattle for the first time to climb a mountain, I was able to have a
great time in the city on my own, although I dearly missed Nancy, and had
wished she was with me, but I’m pretty sure she would have left in protest once
she smelled the toilet at Camp Muir.  I
also spent 10 days in Mexico feeling like a true foreigner for the first time
in many years, and had 15 minutes at the summit of a mountain that made my

Photo 5

Photo 4

I was able to take my lady to NYC right before
Christmas.  We got to see an incredible
DMB show with All Access passes, ate some great food, and had an overall
enjoyable time. 

Photo 5(1)
Photo 3(2)

The amount of time I took this year for myself, and my
family is probably why I wasn’t as angry as I was in previous years, and I
found it easier to be patient.

Photo 2(2)

“I will take at least a week off
during the year.”
Photo 2

With several trips taken in 2012, the constant joke I was
hearing from people, was whether I actually worked or not.


“I will work on being more patient
with others, and keeping my calm, even when they are dumb fucking idiots, are
making me want to choke them to death.”

I have become more patient, even though some people still
make me want to commit homicide; I have not any memorable implosions or outward
tongue lashes which I later regretted.  I
will need to continue to work on this, but I made major progress in 2012.


“I will start writing once every
couple of weeks the story of my parent’s immigration to the US.”

Utter failure here, in fact I haven’t written much at all
2012, this makes me sad.  The more I
think about it, this story is there, it needs to come out but I need to enhance
my ability to write, I am going to take a class in 2013 where I am forced to


“I will be more generous to people
with my spirit.”

I think I’ve excelled in this area, and have been more of
the person I am naturally, and the person I want to be…

While I feel there are areas in my personality that I still
would like to change, I am now more open to meeting new people and being a
positive influence.  I would like to be
more of the type of person that is sorely missed when not around, Johnny Feel


“I will begin to have a 5 day work

I went to a five day work week early in the year.   It was hard trying to find the right days,
but early on I would take Friday and Saturday off, then when I got back from
Mexico I decided I was going to work M-F. 
While this has been my schedule most of the time, I’ve realized that I
still need to cycle in weekend days to stay on top of my staff, and to just
make sure my presence is felt.

“I will achieve a financial reserve
of at least 3 months of operating income.”

This has been a struggle, as we have not had a real winter
in two years.  My business requires snow
fall, followed by no rain for 10 days at a time, we haven’t had this in 5
years.  We have also had quite a bit of
rain, during months of the year where we used to never have rain. 

I am going to shoot for this again in 2013.  My goal is to basically have 3 months of
total operating income sitting in a bank that is not our reserve account.  While it will function somewhat as a reserve,
I don’t ever want to touch our back up dollars.

“I will hire a book keeper.”

I have an existing staffer doing payroll, and she will take
on more bookkeeping, and I have someone else helping with organizing the
paperwork in the office, this is something that has given me a great deal of
satisfaction as I feel like I’m back to running the business and not getting
run over by it. 

“I will hire better staff, and make
the financial commitment in my people, including sending 3 people to Sonny’s
Car Wash College, and provide at least 2 training seminars throughout the year
open to all staff, so I don’t have to work as hard.”

I hired one new management person, he wasn’t the ideal
person for my original plan but was such a good fit counter balancing the site
manager at one of my locations that I brought him on board, ultimately it did
free up time, and make it easier for me to do more.
I was not able to send staff to training offsite because one both of my
managers asked for additional vacation time during the summer time which essentially
fucked this up, but the commitment is there, and I am planning to follow
through with this in 2013.

“I will delegate more to my staff,
and give them the freedom to accomplish what I ask in their way.”

I have delegated significantly more, yet I’m still trying to
find the right balance.  I basically have
an on and an off switch, so trying to find the right balance between
micromanagement, and utter detachment has been tough.


“I will take at least two classes in
a topic that are for my enjoyment like a basic knife skills class at Sur La

We took one class this year in Atlantic City at the Viking
Cooking School on Thai Food, and one at Sur La Table which was a knife skills

“I will read 12 books this year.”

Utter Failure here, I read 4 books, the dumbening of Louis
Kim continued in 2012.  I am going to set
a new goal in 2013 that is more achievable so I can get into a better habit of
reading, I feel my brain getting stupid, and my ability to read and write is
not what it was, as most of what I read is fairly simple on a day to day basis,
those complex topics don’t get processed as quickly and easily as they used to,
I used to be able to read a sales contract, or pertinent business document in a
very short period of time and have it dissected without having to write much
down, today I find myself rereading large parts of these documents, then
writing things out to make sense of it I don’t like it, and it’s pissing me


“I will watch less TV, limiting my
weekly viewing.”

Utter failure here, I have to create a better habit, or turn
my TV into a brush guard on my car, it’s so big relative to my place, I think
it’s hard not to get sucked in, I’ve watched as visitors turn into zombies when
it lights up.  My sister has the same TV
and it doesn’t have the same effect in their house, I also need to find a
better way to decompress. 

“I will make connections with people
in other businesses to try and discover what it is that will give me purpose in

I didn’t start this until the 4th quarter of 2012;
it’s something I will continue in 2013.

“I will work to un-clutter my life
by either donating, or selling anything that I no longer use, or don’t foresee

I have made progress here, but not as much as I’d like, I’ve
sold quite a bit of junk, and donated significant amounts of clothing and
shoes.  By the end of 2013 I would like
to only have those things in my house that I use on an ongoing basis; I am the
type who is always preparing for the world to end, so I have too much shit
“Just in case”.  I am going to learn to
become MacGyver and do more with fewer things. 
I feel a great deal of the unhappiness and lack of focus is manifested
in all the shit I own. 

I am going to post my 2013 goals tomorrow, and you will see
how I am evolving as a person.  More of
me and less of the person I don’t like.



  1. good write-up, nice to see the progress you’re making.
    Your definitely hit the plateau which most people experience after about a year of CrossFit/Paleo. To continue to shed those lbs you’re going to need a more concentrated effort towards your diet, with specific tweaking and trial and error with different methodologies. You can’t just keep trying the same thing over and over again and expecting it to get better.

  2. You still da man!
    Thanks for the reminder for me to revisit my 50 by 50 list. Only 383 days remaining and I am not doing well.

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