2013 Resolutions/Goals Let’s Get Rolling


For 2013
I am writing my “resolutions” a bit later than I’d like, I’m already more than
two weeks into the year, so I’ve turned this year into a 50 week cycle instead
of a 52 week one.  While I have what most
would say is a good reason, I need to man the fuck up, and get my ass in
gear.  There is only so much bullshit a
person can consume until all they taste, smell, and feel is shit. 

I have
this inner hope that 2013, is the year that I’ve been waiting for, whether
its finding that one piece of my life that has eluded me for so many years, or
coming to the realization that I’m just too unstable or chaotic internally to
ever find the spark that will not only propel me to the person I want to be,
but keep me there…

As much as
I complain, and whine, I am thankful for a great many things in my life, a
woman who loves me unequivocally, and loves me for me, a business that is successful,
family that is close, great friends, and in the last couple of years incredible

being said, I want more, more of everything. 

I have a
desire to impact the world; help others make change, and create something that
is everlasting.  I covet this notion because
I want validation of my life, and I want a legacy that outlives my
lifetime.  I can pretend that deep down I
want to help make the world better as some altruistic notion, but the truth is my
yearnings are selfish.

All humans
are innately selfish, and we are driven and fueled by our own interests.  It’s part of the mechanism that allows us to
survive.  It just so happens that my
selfishness has will have a byproduct that makes the world better and not

said all that what I want, for 2013 is the following.  I’ve broken up the goals into three
categories, Personal, Professional, Growth, with the Personal category having
two parts Physical, and Spiritual.  I
think 5 goals in each area are possible, knowing that completing 3 difficult goals
in each category is more realistic. 

I. Personal

    A. Physical

  1. I
    will lose 50 lbs, and fit into a size 32 jean.
  2. I
    will run 3 races this year, one of them being a distance longer than a
  3. I
    will have a 1 rep max of 335 lbs for my back squat, and break 400 lbs for
    my deadlift.
  4. I
    will walk 1200 miles this year with Benny, with at least 10% of the
    mileage carrying loads.
  5. I
    will get my first unassisted pull-up.

    B. Spiritual

  1. I
    will save $25,000 specifically for body contouring surgery
  2. I
    will make 2 trips out West, one of those trips being to California.
  3. I
    will take 1 trip out of the country, either to Europe or South America.
  4. I
    will either start, or have the business plan completed for a new business
  5. I
    will climb 1 mountain this year above 10,000'.

II. Professional

  1. I
    will hire one new manager, or operations person that is a game changer. 
    The type of person that fundamental forces us to get out of this
    complacency that is beginning.
  2. I
    will set aside 2 months of mortgage payments for each site in what I will
    call an operational reserve, so that we can leverage our capital reserves
    for growth.
  3. I
    will have our books closed quarterly instead of annually. 
  4. I
    will send 2 managers to Sonny's Car Wash College, and have Wash Guru provide
    training for at least 1 week this year.
  5. I
    will develop a more methodical training system, which leverages and takes
    full advantage of the money spent the last two years with Wash Guru.

III. Growth

  1. I
    will take 2 online courses that are at least college level curriculum;
    this is a major priority so that I don't lose the ability to learn new
    concepts and ideas.
  2. I
    will read 6 books this year.
  3. I
    will make connections with at least 2 professional groups unrelated to my
    current profession.
  4. I
    will further declutter my life, by eliminating those items in my
    possession which don't get used at least once every 60 days or are absolute
    emergency tools or items, and digitizing as much stuff as possible.
  5. I
    will either take a writing class, or get involved with a writers group, I
    have a desire to write but no direction. 


  1. Please add another goal to keep blogging, if not for yourself, for all your loyal fans out here. I need (selfish bitch that I am) some routine in my life and reading your blog keeps me motivated.
    Set up a donation fund for yourself. Seriously! You give so much to your friends, give us a way to give back.

  2. I agree with Sherri. I don’t need to lose weight but I often need a huge dose of motivation for my life. I have become scarily inactive and I am not young like you so it is even worse to sit my butt on the couch day after day and keep saying “tomorrow” about the gym. I eat well. I find it so encouraging to see you tackle such major physical feats and be consistent and get better and better. I came upon your blog because I have a friend with the same first and last name and I got hooked on your honesty. Keep blogging and keep doing right by yourself.

  3. Karen and Sherri,
    Thanks! I would never ask for money, quite frankly it’s just a good place to empty all the stuff that goes on in my head.
    Thanks for reading, your posts are reinforcing my desire to get back to blogging.

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