Understanding my goals, my year, and myself part 3, Experiences I want to have this year…

Growth- This is an area of my life that I have to always push and
pursue, because the day I stop growing is the day I know I am truly old, and
starting to wilt.  Death is inevitable,
the day is unknown, what we control is how we choose to lead our lives until
the unavoidable happens.  The last thing I
want is my headstone to read, “Louis Kim, FUCK!”

There is one thing in our lives that sets the tone for all
others, and that’s our attitude towards the way we approach it. 

  • I will take 2 online courses that are at least college
    level curriculum; this is a major priority so that I don't lose the
    ability to learn new concepts and ideas.


Why: 2012 was
the first year I can recall where I didn’t feel as intelligent as I know I am, not
to infer that I am some type of genius, as my past actions clearly show a
pattern of behavior that is less than remedial, yet I had moments throughout
the year where it would take longer to grasp new concepts, it would take more
time to comprehend what people were saying, and longer to pick the words to
formulate my thoughts, sometimes these short comings would sometimes lead into
confused ramblings. 

I have spent too much time lower my abilities
to the people around me, instead of forcing them to raise their game to my level,
Earl Nightingale is most notable for having said that “We become what we think
about.”  If I continue to think in a way
that allows remedial thoughts, I will become marginalized.

In an effort to work the muscle in
my big melon, I need to take organized classes in subject matters that are of
at least a collegiate level, they don’t have to be at any particular school or institution,
but they do have to be classes that require the semblance of a brain.

How: I will
have to determine whether I can find an accessible in class place to learn, or choose
the online deliver method as the most conducive way to go to class.  I will have to make specific time to study, making
these appointments for school the highest priority.  As much as I value my physical well being, I
value my mental abilities even higher (as I butcher the English language).

I am great at starting growth activities like this, but suck at finishing them because
I allow the other areas of my life to take up too much time, I have to manage
my time and my emotions better.

I have to not be afraid to tell people no, when it will sabotage my desire to work
out my brain, if I don’t get back the mental sharpness that I once had, I’m in
deep shit.  I also have to make sure to
take into account the financial sacrifice school will become, and use it as a reminder
that if I punt I am punting thousands of dollars. 

The true key is developing the self discipline
to make this a priority.

  • I will read 6 books this year.


Why: The power
of the world is found in books, and for someone who once had a love of reading,
I now spend too much time watching TV, contributing to the decay of my
brain.  There is much I want to learn,
and a limited scope that I can cover, so I have to use my time wisely, and
choose books that give me the most bang for the intellectual buck.

How: I will
dedicate time each night to reading, 5-10 pages.  Developing the habit to read is crucial.  This is going to become my mental daily WoD. 

Rxing is 10 pages, 5 is scaled. 

Fuck, I think I just found the way
to stick to anything in my life, who likes to scale?  #CrossFitTakingOverMyLife

My love of shitty TV’s shows, and my love of excellent TV Shows.  Everything in the middle sucks.  I think I might need to give away my 55” and
buy a 24” TV so watching TV becomes a shitty experience.  When you can a celebrities face so clearly
that you can see pimples that’s being sucked in, my TV is like my head, it’s
too big compared to it’s surroundings.

Daily discipline and choosing electronic books over physical ones, there’s no
excuse when I am surrounded by iphone, ipad, and computer, I can always get a
page or two in, I also need to pick books in the beginning which have subject
matters I really enjoy so I can breeze through them building up momentum during
the early stages.

  • I will make connections with at
    least 2 professional groups unrelated to my current profession.

Why: My professional world has gotten small, and gets smaller
every year, which is the opposite of most people in the work force, the longer
one works the more people they tend to meet. 
I think as a small business owner, you can reach a point of distraction or
complacency, where you stop reaching out, and when you stop doing this, you
stop growing your professional circle. 
In an effort to raise the quality of my life, I need to engage business people
outside of my industry, and professionals who are involved with work that
intimdates and causes me to be uncomfortable. 

Get Comfortable being uncomfortable fat boy…

Late last year I attended a shareholders’ meeting of a bank that
my family owns shares in, and I was so uncomfortable with the people around me
that I snuck out, I don’t ever want to be in that position again.

How: I will you use the power of social media, and online
portals to find groups and people who are involved in activities that will
facilitate this growth of my professional circle, , I will try and find
networking events and mixer, even if I feel like an asshole at these events I
am going to stick it out.

Pitfalls: Telling myself I don’t need to reach out as much because I’m
a precious snow flake, or losing this feeling of stupidity I feel right
now.  I have to feel like shit in order
to change something I don’t like, which is exactly where I am when it comes to
professional growth.

“Motion creates emotion…”, I have to get out and stir the
pot, where is my Homebrew Computer club?

Keys: I have to overcome my fear of standing out or feeling like
an insignificant ass who washes cars for a living when surrounded by people who
are more accomplished.  Over the years I have
beaten myself up so much, that I view myself as a laborer, and not a

I need to take Prop Joe’s advice “Look the part, be the part,


  • I will further declutter my life, by eliminating those
    items in my possession which don't get used at least once every 60 days or
    are absolute emergency tools or items, and digitizing as much stuff as

Why: Simply
put I own too much shit, my shit are the chains that anchor me down  just like all the excess weight I used to
carry, a great deal of things I own provide some type of strange mental
crutch.  I can’t explain it, but I need
to get rid of those things I don’t use, and those things that aren’t vital to
my existence.   

Why would I need two sets of golf
clubs, a food processor and a Ninja, 2 car chargers one for my car, and one for
when I travel, this is all shit.  I have
to disconnect from all these materials things in order to reconnect with who I
truly am…

How: Once
every two weeks I have to have an evening of removal.  Where I will go and remove things from my life
that I can donate, sell, or destroy.  If
I can $10 or more dollars I will sell it on ebay, otherwise I will give it away
or donate it.  The funds collected in
that paypal account will be used to purchase something significant that I need
like a new table (I’ve never bought one of my own) or I’ll put the money into
my Roth.

Replacing the existing shit with new shit I don’t need.  I’ve gotten better at asking myself how much
I need something before I buy it, but I want to get to the point where 90% of
the products that exist in the market are useless to me.

If I keep something I have to make sure it’s truly needed and that I’ve used it
once over a 60 day period, the only other reason I will keep something is if
its helpful during an emergency like a MagLight. 

I am looking around my place right
now, and I can justify too much of the shit that is here…not good.  Be real about why it matters.


  • I will either take a writing class, or get involved
    with a writers group, I have a desire to write but no direction.

Why: Writing
makes me happy, and I feel I have a story to tell.

How: I have to
set aside a time once every couple of weeks to free write, after I came back
from Mexico I did a little of this and it was awesome.  This is the start of everything good I can
recall recently in my life, write and get the thoughts out of my head.

Not making writing a priority in my life, it has to become part of my regular
life, I can’t push it away from me because I’m too tired.

Keys: Picking
specific days each month, and treating it like a doctor’s appointment to write,
and only write for myself undistributed. 
At some point this exercise will turn into something greater than I had anticipated,
initially it’s going to be a tickling of my inner thoughts and ideas.


She's a little pretenious, but it's the turth about anything.

5 Things I want to experience

  1. Riding to the top of the Washington Monument,
    and viewing the area I live from a different perspective.
  2. Get on a roller coaster, and ride it like I’m a
    teenager, free and without fear.
  3. Ride down a steep hill on a sled in the snow, or
    go glissading for an extended distance, riding so hard it borders on
  4. Drive down the highway on a nice day with loud
    music in a convertible, with my sunglasses on singing as loud as possible not
    giving a shit about who’s on the road, or how I appear to other people, and
    recording that shit.
  5. Sing karaoke in front of people, because it
    scares the shit out of me, I still can’t believe I just posted this one.
  6. Dance with my nieces, because Catherine is old
    enough to remember and because Mina presently only likes Nancy, and avoids me.
  7. Slow dance with Nancy somewhere spontaneously,
    because the only other time I’ve danced with her was Mike T’s wedding two years
  8. Total, and utter failure at something, not acquiescence
    but failing to do something I wanted, I wanted to go down in flames doing
    something relatively simple, because it will keep me humble.
  9. Speaking in front  of a large group, I’ve spoken at the NRCC in
    the past, and it’s something I think I’m relatively good at, but I haven’t done
    it in so long, I probably now suck, I want to feel the fear, the zone, and the
    euphoria afterwards.
  10. I want to spend one day in silence, I don’t
    think I can do it, so I will try my best to see if I can spend a day without
    speaking, I’m fucking weird what can you say?

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  1. Fran

    Well, # 1 will have to be on hold until it’s fixed. You can get a similar view from the top of the Old Post Office Pavilion but I am not sure when that will be closed for renovation by the Donald.
    The others are all very doable.

  2. Karen

    Read “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield. It is a great book about writing and I think you will like it. Also, I read a organizing book that suggested getting rid of 21 things every week – could be things that need to be thrown away, given away or sold. The item number is large enough that it makes you really take a look.

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