A Return to Weightloss


After a bit of a stutter step, getting this health thing started up again, along with this blog.

I felt I would try again. My intent this time around is keep things a bit more succinct, and not necessarily all focused on my weight. Today marks day 6 of eating only Modpaleo meals, I have my first “cheat meal” this evening.

One of my chief issues, snacking throughout the day and skipping meals has gotten easier with a bit of vigilance on the time everyday. I think I often take on too much at once, so with this first stage of finding my way back to physical health I am solely focused on what goes in my mouth. For the rest of this month, diet is the chief concern and a plan working towards workouts and personal training sessions with Oli again.

There’s quite a bit going on in my life, including a weekly commute to Boston where I am taking classes in Cambridge. My first week there was fun in a child like way. I got to walk to and from an Airbnb rental to the college campus, and to the library to study. I felt like a college kid again.

In any case, I am still over 300 lbs, I forgot to weight myself this morning. I plan to do it, tomorrow morning. I’ve found a couple of great paleo/gluten free options which are great and help break up a bit of the clean eating monotony. While in Chicago a few weeks ago, a friend of mine turned me onto fantastic empanadas, and granola. I ordered both, and last night the empanadas were a huge life safer.

Towards the end of this week I started to crave some bread, so last night exhausted and hungry I chose to heat up some empanadas rather than my typical ordering of Shake Shack, or Ray’s Hell Burger via Postmates.

I think Cassava is some of the best gluten free food I’ve ever eaten. I’ve never been diagnosed with Celiac, and I’m not sure if I buy all the hype of it, the movement feels akin to the “Fat Free” foods of the early 1990s. I can say when I eat less gluten, I poop better. There’s less of a need to clean the toilet. You get the idea… Ultimately, I think the “gluten-free” foods have moved into the second phase of there development, where really good food is created to serve the market rather than a half assed attempt to provide an additional option. People are focusing on this type of food, and it is being made really well, you can order them frozen and heat them up in the oven in about 20 minutes. I ordered some of the rolls from Cassava too, and they are great.


The other “crutch” is granola from Kitchfix. Now this is a bit of a dangerous option. It tastes great, but be warned if you take the grains from granola you’re left with seeds, and dried fruits. All of which are high in calories. An entire bag of it is 1500 calories. When you get chewing for the first time you will finish an entire bag. It’s good. They ship across the US if you order 12 bags. If you are someone who is strict paleo, this is a good option for a bit of that crunchy bite you haven’t experienced since you decided to move heavy things up and down.

So the interim goal is to move forward with fixing what I put into my fat face, by the end of this month I hope to be in a decent enough mental state to start pushing my body again. I watched a documentary this weekend on the first ascent of Mount Everest, which made me angry I was the size of the Bob’s Big Boy statute. I’d like to get back into a decent enough shape to complete my unfinished climb of Mt. Rainer.

Mount Rainer



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