The Position Myth

Daily Synopsis of Maxwell Daily Reader, by John Maxwell
February 10

Wooden Blocks with the text: Myths

Wooden Blocks with the text: Myths

Title: The Position Myth

Excerpt from: The 360* Leader

Action Taken Today:  Instead of relying on position or title, use only relational influences with others today.


Simply put too many people believe one can only lease when given the title, or the implicit recognition of some governing body. Maxwell calls this pervasive belief a myth. For Maxwell leadership comes down to influencing others, thus anyone can function as a leader in any context. Moreover, the only limitation individuals have in their role as a leader is their commitment to others.

Don’t wait for a promotion, or change in title to act like a leader. For Maxwell “The true measure of leadership is influence -nothing more, nothing less.”

Favorite Quote: 

“A place at the top will not automatically make anyone a leader.”

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