Touching A Dozen Lives

Daily Synopsis of Maxwell Daily Reader,  by John Maxwell

February 16

Title: Touching A Dozen Lives

Excerpt From: Becoming a Person of Influence

Action Taken Today:  Touch someone’s life for good today.


Maxwell teaches a fundamental component of a leader is the ability to influence others. In today’s entry he takes this concept and positions it as a habit.

We have the ability as individuals to make all of those people we touch on a daily basis better than when you found them. Simple gestures including being cordial to the workers of a supermarket, or the guy at the gas station. Whether we realize it or not, how we interact with them influences that person’s day.
We’ve all seen an reasonable customer berate an employee in a store, often for something the employee has no control over such as the return policy. Think of that one person’s actions.

They’ve ruined the employee’s day. Made a scene where many others in the store will remember and retell the event to their friends and family each putting their own take on it.
Everywhere you go, you can influence people, even if you choose to ignore someone you have made a decision in how you interact with another person, and have caused that person to feel or think something. So make a choice in how you influence others, Maxwell believes the more positivity you can leave behind the more you can excel as a leader.

Favorite Quote: 

“As you interact with your family, your coworkers, and the clerk at the store today, recognize that your life touches many others

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