Instill Motivation

personal trainer training man with heavy kettle bell

Daily Synopsis of Maxwell Daily Reader,  by John Maxwell

February 29

personal trainer training man with heavy kettle bell

Title: Instill Motivation

Excerpt From: 25 Ways to Win with People

Action Taken Today: Motivate someone in your circle of influence today.


Maxwell’s writing tends to focus heavily on the importance of relationships. A large portion of his books spell out obvious concepts on how to effectively interact with members of any type of organization.

Today’s entry in the Maxwell Daily Reader is another obvious but necessary component of leadership. While the concept of motivating members of a team is apparent, the way Maxwell interprets its role is not.

For Maxwell motivation is the extra bit of kinetic force which helps people excel. “Motivation helps people who know what they should do…to do it!”

The question to ask yourself as a leader today is, do you provide your people the extra bit of inspiration which propels the average into excellence. Use motivation as the reason for someone to jump off the ledge diving into a lake of your collective pursuits.

Favorite Quote: 

 After chewing out a player during practice Vince Lombardi told the player the following:

“One of these days, you’re going to be the best guard in the NFL.”

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