Help People Win


Daily Synopsis of Maxwell Daily Reader,  by John Maxwell

March 1

Mount Everest Base Camp

Title: Help People Win

Excerpt From: 25 Ways to Win with People

Action Taken Today:  Make it your job to put other people on top today.


Today’s entry in the Maxwell Daily Reader discusses an often undervalued component of leadership. Innately good leaders possess humility. Its within this humility they find the ability to continuously improve themselves, and others; further being humble gives good leaders the perspective to never underestimate an idea regardless of the ideas origin. An additional component which is today’s topic directly relates to the effectiveness of a humble leader.


Maxwell uses an anecdote related to the first American summit of Mount Everest. Lou Whittaker is an American mountaineer and is credited as the first American to reach the top; however he did not venture out with the summit team. At high camp he made a decision to stay at high camp while he sent one group of climbers down to retrieve much needed supplies, and allowed another group of climbers to rest for the summit push. It was completely in Lou Whittaker’s power to place himself on the summit time, in fact no-one would have faulted him for it. He is an accomplished climber with a great deal of respect in the American Mountaineering community, yet he chose to stay at high camp he said it was “my job to put other people on top”.

Lou Whittaker knew climbing a mountain was a team effort, and in this particular place his best suited place on the team was the facilitator of the expedition and the summit team. The question to ask yourself is due you always have to receive the glory, or can you live in the background knowing you helped achieve something bigger than yourself?

Favorite Quote: 

“Whittaker understood that when people make the right decisions that help the team achieve its goal, everyone wins.”

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