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Fitness Ridge Day 3

Fitness Ridge Day 3 6:00 AM Stretch session with Cameron.  The session was much more of what I expected in the morning stretching classes.   Cameron is like a yoga instructor.  It is exactly what I needed this morning.  An hour later my legs felt like jello. 8:00 AM Our hike today was up shit creek…

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Fitness Ridge Day 2

Day 2 Fitness Ridge Malibu 6:00 AM Stretch was good.  The class was taught by Sam from Season 9 of Biggest Loser.  My legs are really sore from the stretching.  This morning’s stretch was packed, the class was full of people of all shapes and sizes.  It nice that everyone is just motivated to work…

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Fitness Ridge Day 1

    Day 1 at Fitness Ridge Malibu The drive from the airport up the PCH (or Pacific Coast Highway for interlopers such as myself), was beautiful, even with the perisstent rain, and grey sky, the pacific coastline is majestic.  It took an hour to get from LAX to Fitness Ridge, when the driver pulled…

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