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Building and Breaking Walls

I debated significantly whether or not to post something to this blog again… It reminded of the internal debate a young man goes through the first time he asks a girl out on a date (clearly I’m thinking of a time before text messages). An internal debate of “should I” or “shouldn’t I?” As I…

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04/30/13 Final 50

I have been stuck in a plateau for sometime, so I decided I need a fresh start. You can read more about the final 50 pounds I have to lose here at: The new perspective.

2013 Resolutions/Goals Let’s Get Rolling

For 2013 I am writing my “resolutions” a bit later than I’d like, I’m already more than two weeks into the year, so I’ve turned this year into a 50 week cycle instead of a 52 week one.  While I have what most would say is a good reason, I need to man the fuck…

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So Lou How did that shit go?

My procedure was done on the 28th of December, it’s now the 16th of January I’m still awake at 2:15 AM, when I normally go to bed at 9:30 PM.  I’ve found that when I take an oxycotin it either makes me want to pass out, or I I can’t fall asleep. Why did I…

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A look back at 2012…my goals, resolutions.

Looking back at 2012, and the resolutions I’d written for 2012, I found myself reading the blog post, and surprised at how hopeful I was last year, and how much positive energy I had, at that point in my evolution I’d overcome some significant hurdles, and made the types of changes in my lifestyle which…

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Yeah it’s my birthday…Go Fuck Yourself!

 All people when it comes to their birthday can be broken up into one of three categories.    1. “IT’S MY FUCKING BIRTHDAY!” These people turn their birthdays into great events, they have no problem throwing a part for themselves, or taking a trip somewhere special without a concern about anyone else, it’s their day…

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12/28/2012 Surgery Today

On the eve what is surely going to be the start of a major test in my life, I find myself unable to sleep.   There is a clear lack of understanding of what lies ahead and in front of me, while what I face is not the end of the world, in fact relative to…

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