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07/24/2011 Official Weigh In

07/21-07/22 Official Weigh In 288 lbs 31.3 % So after a really strong week of working out and good meals, I’m disappointed that I only dropped a pound especially because when I weighed myself Saturday morning I weighed 285 lbs.  I’m not sure how to take the small weight change; it’s disappointing and a bit…

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07/17/2011 The Face of Progress and Weigh In

The Face of Progress This weekend I went out Saturday night to a friend’s birthday get together, what started as a relaxed night of hanging out turned into the drunkest I’ve been in years.  We basically went from 0 to drunk in an hour.  We met up with the Birthday girl, and some mutual friends…

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07/03/2011 Official Weigh In

07/03/2011 Official Weigh In 290 lbs 33.1 % Body Fat 41.6 BMI I am 290 lbs.  When I got on the scale this morning a part of me wholly expected to see a number 3 at the start of the scale.  I’ve been conditioned to only see the weights that begin with the number 3. …

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06/26/2011 Official Weigh IN Bring it on Bitches

Discovering Self Efficacy I like to listen to audio books as I walk my dog, I figure in any given day I may spend 1-2 hours a day walking him, so why not learn something in the process.  I tend to choose books that are either classics I never got to read, or have stories…

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06/12/2011 FUCK!

Official Weigh In: 308 lbs 33.7 % Body Fat Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Shit! Shit! Shit! Ass! Ass! Ass!  This is my one deep thought tonight. I say again FUCK! How is it possible to work this hard and not take a step forward in either weight or body fat percentage?  I must confess first that…

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06/05/2011 Weigh In, and New Plan for Week

06/05/2011 Official Weigh In: 308 Lbs 33.5 % Body Fat In moving forward I spent some time reflecting on the road which has lead me to where I am today just shy of 300 lbs.  I realize that the weight gain which I went through was a direct result of poor choices, which turned into…

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Day 14 After Biggest Loser Malibu Second Weigh In

04/24/2011 My Meals. My official weigh in this morning not what I expected but hey it’s progress, I guess. 04/24/2011 334 lbs 36.8% Body Fat At the suggestion of Tara I’m going to make an appointment this with an endocrinologist.  She googled for me and found one in DC who actually seems like a one…

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Video Workout Log 09/22/2010

After my workout the short walk from the gym back to my place was reminiscent of a sailor on shore leave returning to the ship after a night of drunkenness.  My legs wobbled, my equilibrium was off, and I was murmuring to myself.   The workouts are getting more intense as my endurance is increasing;…

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Weigh-in Log 09/07/2010

WEIGHT   359 lbs BMI   51.5 Body Fat %: 38.0    BLOOD SUGAR    n/a   Goal Weight of 346 lbs by 09/30/10 Goal Weight of 328 lbs by 10/30/10