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Video Workout Log 08/13/2010 Yeah, it sucked!

After an hour of cardio last night around 9:00 PM, followed by a 45 minute walk with Benny, and only 5 hours of sleep, waking up this morning was not easy.  This mornings session was one of the hardest ones I have had since I started working with kenny. It started with a three set…

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Video Workout Log 08/09/2010 “Kettlebell Monday”

It's been 13 hours since my workout with my trainer this morning, and I'm ready to fall asleep lying facedown on the floor.  My gym in my condo is nice for a communal non-member gym, but it lacks some newer non-traditional gym equipment, i.e. the Russian Kettlebell. Kettlebells are rumored to have been a secret…

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Video Workout Log 08/06/2010

This first video is the third set of superset of Incline Dumbbell Chest Press, and "Champagnes".  Preceding this superset my trainer had me do 5 sets of 15 reps each of bench press using 135 lbs.  Needless to say this evening I need to use a stick to scratch my nose.  On the dumbell incline press I'm suing…

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Video Workout Log 08/04/2010

This morning at the peak of my workout my training had me do a circuit of four excercises.  I started with deadlift squats, bentover rows, kettle bell squat straight arm extensions, and seated core twists with a 25lb plate.  Each set included each excercise for 1 minute intervals, and 2 minute break between sets. This video is from…

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Workout Video Clip 07/30/10

This is the first in a seriers of short clips from my workout sessions with my personal trainer.  I've had roughly 24 sessions and I feel great.  I'm getting stronger, and building lean muscle.   I am using a 40lb dumbell and supersetting chest pull overs, and tricep/chest extensions.