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Revelations and Evolutions

This morning during my workout I came to a revelation about myself, my weight, and my lack of success in certain areas of my life. But before I begin, I would like to interject this public service announcement for anyone who doesn’t believe in evolution. “You are fucking stupid. I fucking love science. That is…

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Day 2 My Schedule- Bad Eating Habits

Groundhog Day, a Harold Ramous movie starring Bill Murray is fantastic. Easily in my top 10 favorite movies of all time. This scene in the movie happens after Bill’s character experiences the reality of living life without any consequences, repeating the same day over and over. His emotional response is a combination of boredom, and…

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06/22/2011 Let The Games Begin!

Bring it on! As of this date there is one challenge that I am engaged in with Dwayne who I met in Malibu at the Biggest Loser Resort.  Our challenge is simple whoever gets to 250 lbs first wins, and has to buy the other person something they want (within reason, otherwise you may see…

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