Shoud I Just Give Up?

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  1. no idea what brought me back here, but i am.
    please read this — — before you blow money on a backwards-thinking program like the Biggest Loser spa. Their diet will not help you actually manage your weight. It will calorie-constrict you, a program you will be destined to fail.
    Focus on what, not how much. Do your own research and get the trainers and consultants out of your head.

  2. I don’t know if this means anything to you, but when you post your workouts, you inspire me! I care about you and I care about your health, so I am glad to hear you are getting back into the workouts and want to change your eating habits. All the best to you, I believe you can do it! If you ever want to come out to Arizona and stay with me for a change or pace, let me know! Big hug!

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