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  1. First time on your blog. Saw you at 0630 this morning and thought – i need to finally check that out. Nice! Love seeing the progress and love the glimpse into the mind of Louis. I specifically went lower on weight to try to master the squat snatch today. 55# baby! ha. Building up one day! And thanks for posting a video that just sucked up 9 minutes of my time. Never realized how fun it is to watch Olympic lifting.
    on a random note, I just read about Sam during my morning visit –,,20590487,00.html Great love story and glad he’s recovering!

  2. the word “olympic” is in the name for reason, it takes years, not months to improve these lifts. Most CrossFitters suck at oly lifts because we dont need to be good at them, we just need to be OK. If you want to be good, it requires specialized training and skills/drills (like you mentioned above, using little to no weight to improve technique before loading).
    Dan John has a quote “1 in 5 training days will suck.” If you accept it up front that today is going to be a shitty day and lower your weights, reduce your intensity and move through the workout, you’ll be much better off than pushing yourself to injury or increasing stress due to expectations. I have it all the time, I recently went in to attempt a new 1RM snatch of 205. I got stuck at 165. I chalked it up as my 1 in 5 and dropped the weight to work on form.

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