Video Workout 09/24/2010

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  1. i found your blog searching for images of, well, fat people. i feel for you, especially given how long you have been at this without much improvement.
    but you aren’t going to get where you want (or practically anywhere) if you just focus on the workout.
    in fact, stop working out altogether.
    what you put in your mouth is 85% of your issue. and based on where you started, what you are trying to do is put 1000-1400 calories only.
    unfortunately this is completely foolhardy. it feels right, but it is wrong.
    you will lose weight — guaranteed — if you:
    1) cut your carbs to near zero. no bread, no cereal, no sweets. no fruit; fruit is nutritionally useless. have meat, eggs, all the FAT you want. but don’t you touch carbs.
    2) that’s it. i mean it. it will get easier over time.
    i am a random commenter, so why would you believe me? don’t. go research yourself.
    “Good Calories, Bad Calories” by Gary Taubes. This is the seminal work on nutritional science and anyone who eats should read it. It offers no tips but if you read this book and then still want to eat carbs you deserve to be 400lbs.
    Gary has a follow-up book that you can read if you are too lazy to read GCBC.
    The PaleoNu blog offers a Get Started page that, if you follow all 12 steps, not only will you lose weight, you will help stave off the inevitable: early death from some stupid avoidable disease.
    There are dozens of other sources with this information.
    I hate to be blunt but I want you to stop wasting your time and meet some success, and mincing words ain’t going to cut it.

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