01/18/2012 Paleo Challenge Day 12

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  1. Me loves some Dunkin Doughnuts coffee! Try adding a little coconut milk to your morning brew. It’s not going to replace the sugary, creamy goodness that the store offers, but it does play some jedi mind tricks on your brain to make you “think” you have cream and sugar in your coffee when you really don’t. Plus it’s a great source of fat.
    Your description of your morning paper is priceless. I love this guys bold nature in asking for a tip and his displeasure that you didn’t give him one. His job is delivering news papers. Don’t get me wrong, it’s valued, but I don’t necessarily view this job as one that requires a tip. It’s not like he’s bending over backwards to do something extrodinary for you. He has pre-printed literature that he places outside of your door. In this case, nice jestures are just that, nice jestures, but not required. Shoot, can I get a tip for doing my daily job?

  2. Chesley,
    Dunkin Donuts coffee is off limits for, having grown up being force fed “Han-Yak” as a kid to solve everything from a cold to cancer.
    Just make sure to slide an envelope underneath your bosses door around Christmas time.

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