05/22/2011 A rough weekend, and it’s time for a recovery week.

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  1. Hey there – love your blog – have been following it since getting home from the BL ranch 🙂
    Anyway, just wanted to mention something here as you were surprised that you didn’t gain weight when you obviously went up in calories this past week. Have you ever heard of carb-cycling or the *zig zag* approach? Tom Venuto who is an amazing resource (buy his ebook – you wont be disappointed) really advocates for this… you eat low calorie most of the time, but some days you go up in calories to surprise your metabolism and fool it into thinking you’re not always starving it. It revs up the metabolism for more fat burn and it allows for a high calorie meal for those occasions it cant be avoided. Below is a brief explanation of it – you can go to the link to read more about Tom and just google his name and *zig zag* and you’ll see tons of stuff out there in internet-land 🙂
    “Fourth is cycling the calories, meaning a zig zag or reefed approach instead of staying on low calories and or low carbs all the time. Also periodic breaks in the deficit by going up to maintenance levels when there is a long term weight loss goal that requires more than 12-16 weeks to achieve. This has been a secret diet weapon of bodybuilders for as long as I can remember, so I’m actually surprised this method hasn’t caught on more in the mainstream. If you look at the research on Leptin, you can see there is a scientific basis for carb cycling, and there’s a practical basis too as it improves compliance since the dieter gets to eat more with a periodic clean food re-feed, in addition to allowed free meals.”
    You may already know all this, but just in case….!!

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