06/15/2011 The False Epihpany

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  1. The other thing you want to do with dead lifts is to keep your knees right above your ankles — don’t ever let them go beyond your toes. I found that, to keep my knees in place, I had to shove my ass straight out behind me or my balance was all off and I’d tumble forward. This means a lot more bending at the waste. You still want to keep your back straight, though.
    I love dead lifts, but getting the technique right is really tough.

  2. I read a lot of BLAH BLAH BLAH as I couldn’t stop looking at your profile in the freeze frame of your videos. You are so skinny! It was obvious in the half naked pics but for some reason today you just seem to be so cut, especially in the Sumo Upright Pull. WOW!

  3. @Andrew, What you said about moving your ass straight behind, is something Liz mentioned to me too, that essentially you are trying to keep the bar in the center of your body, allowing your legs to really drive the entire motion.
    @Sherri, I feel strong! I really do feel as if I could just away the outer layer of skin and fat that I would have a solid physique. Thanks for reading and noticing.

  4. I think what Liz suggested is a good way to visualize how to maintain the right form. I’ve had people warn me about my knees getting too far out front. The phrase they used was “blow out,” which if it’s anything like what happens to a tire, is something I wouldn’t want happening to my knees.
    Same advice for squats. You can really tell from the videos you posted that Liz’s knees stay put and that your knees are coming pretty far forward. It made me cringe a little. It’s either harder to tell in your dead-lift video because the plates are covering your knees, or, more likely, you’ve got better form.
    I must be an old man, ’cause now I go on the internet to talk about knee injuries.

  5. Andrew,
    Liz is technically correct in all her movements, I’m glad she’s my coach. I appreciate that you are an “old man” now especially because your observation made me watch the video again, and after not seeing it for a few days I realize how much I am still rocking forward. When I was doing the motion I didn’t feel that way at all, so thanks.
    Thanks for reading, and thanks for proving insight.

  6. Lou,
    You are skinnier than when we all met you so I think that qualifies you to say you are skinny. Take it, run with it, own it!

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