06/22/2011 Let The Games Begin!

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  1. oh Lou, you are in such a fantasy land…that winner’s gift will be sent to me in South Carolina!!
    I am already in the game and started on Sunday! Bring it on baby! Not sure I can find a scale in Europe on Sundays but will do my best. Leave next Thursday for 3 weeks. This will keep me in check as I know the food is going to be oh so tempting.

  2. By the by, tried the TRX bands during my personal training session today. How simple yet oh so difficult. Of course didn’t help that I had already finished a boxing circuit class and yoga and two 15 minute ARC sessions BEFORE my PT. Note to self – PT first next time!

  3. You were looking pretty good in the boxing but you smiled too much during your trash talking :-0
    I guess that I need to warn you that the ONLY thing I hate more than losing weight is losing MONEY!
    GAME ON !!

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