08/31/2011 Daily Recap, Is Looking at the Whole Month the Right Approach?

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  1. I really like the idea of having a plan set in place. People that jump from program to program and try the latest and greatest never reach their goals, so the absolute best thing you can do is stick to a program.
    That being said, things will come up and will de-rail the program. It’s inevitable. The main thing you need to do is not let that minor road block de-rail the entire effort. If you have to miss a day for whatever reason, just continue the following day per the plan you have in place and don’t stress.
    The same goes for food choices. I’ve been paleo for 4 years. Does that mean there has never been a time when I have eaten a non-paleo food? Of course not! But I look at my nutrition and training as a lifestyle. Eating ice cream one evening isn’t a great choice for that day…but over the next 60 year’s will a few cheats here and there have a huge negative impact on my health? I think not! And therefore I don’t stress about it and let it create a domino effect of completely falling off the wagon.
    The rower is an amazing tool and I understand that you were after a specific effort. That being said, if you ever want to row fast (as in, a good pace), less strokes of greater power, will move your boat faster, than more strokes with less power.
    Keep it up.

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