11/17/2011 What Motivates Me

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  1. “My Dark Place is addictive, it’s progressive, and the more I workout the harder it is to find.”
    This is the hook for a lot of people and Crossfit, and all it is is basic neurochemistry.
    We drop a bunch of adrenalin and dopamine in your system, and you FEEL FUCKING GREAT!
    But you could do a bunch of blow and get pretty much the same reaction.
    The problem is that the more you do Crossfit, the less of a adrenaline/dopamine reaction you’re going to get. That’s just the nature of “tolerance”. It’s like an alcoholic needing a bottle of Jack Daniels before he feels a thing.
    So what do you need after that initial hump when everything feels great and you can’t believe you found Crossfit and you’re life’s going to be totally different?
    -Community. This doesn’t have to be the whole gym, or a big group, it could be one other guy/gal who texts you to see when you’re WODding and/or just the same group at a certain class.
    -Coaching/Good Programming. You need someone to tell you what to do, and that person needs to have a clue. Also, don’t do it yourself: “An athlete who coaches himself, has an idiot for a coach.”
    -Competition. You need to find somebody to compete against. It might be the same person that you’re getting your Community from, but you need someone who you can look at before and during the WOD and say “I will not let that fucker beat me.”
    If this happens, habits will happen. Once habits happen, you are on a near permanent orbit around fitness. You’re not the center of the fitness universe, but you don’t have enough escape velocity to get out of it and back to your old self-destructive habits.

  2. Brian,
    I get everything you are saying but there are times when after a short Metcon, I wish there was another round, or an extra minute.
    For me it’s less about the neurological response, and more about overcoming those moments where you just want to quit. There’s a part of me that feels if I don’t have that moment in each workout I’m not progressing.
    The points you mention about community and competition are I think at the core of what makes Crossfit better than other formats of “exercise”, you couple that with work that is by nature intense then you can’t help but breed a lifestyle and not something you have to turn into a habit.

  3. Louis, you are making so much progress dude! Keep pushing.
    I’m sure you’ve talked to B & L & RJP about this already, but if you want to speed up the weight loss, quit doing extra workouts and use the time you’d be be doing cardio to sleep and dial in your food. It WORKS.
    I’m rooting for you!!

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