12/12/2011 Recap & Self Destructive or Motivated

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  1. great job on your 2k row, a 7:43 is a really good time.
    Terrible job on f*cking it up and rowing 6k afterwards. Listen to your coaches, they know what is best for you and legitimately want to help you.

  2. Hey man, it sounds like you are pushing through some roughness right now. You are doing great! One of the things I took away from my trip to the resort this time (and take this for what it is worth!) is that just changing behaviors is a rough way to go. Our problems are mostly in our heads with our emotional beliefs and triggers that just cause the behaviors we cope with. The coach in Utah was phenomenal, and I know you are not too into the head case mumbo jumbo, but I think I got a ton out of it this time. When you are having some feelings about not doing what you should have because of this or that, just make sure you challenge that with what is the truth and what is your emotions playing with you. You know that a) You are not lazy, b) You are great guy, c) You have and will accomplish anything you set your mind to! d) You are worth the effort! I know you got this and I also know you are kicking my ass all the way down to 250. Keep it up brother!

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